What Is Ceramic PCB?

Ceramic circuit boards are actually made of electronic ceramic materials and can be made into various shapes.

Among them, ceramic circuit boards have the most outstanding characteristics of high-temperature resistance and high electrical insulation.

They have the advantages of low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss, high thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, and similar thermal expansion coefficients of components.

Ceramic printed circuit boards are produced using laser rapid activation metallization technology LAM technology.

Different from traditional FR-4 (glass fiber), ceramic materials have good high-frequency performance&electrical properties, high thermal conductivity, chemical stability, and thermal stability.

Ideal packaging materials for generating large-scale integrated circuits and power electronic modules.

Ceramic PCBs’ Main Advantages:

  1. Higher thermal conductivity.
  2. More matching thermal expansion coefficient.
  3. A harder, lower resistance metal film alumina ceramic circuit board.
  4. The base material has good weldability and high temperature.
  5. Good insulation.
  6. Low-frequency loss.
  7. Assemble in high density
  8. It does not contain organic ingredients, is resistant to cosmic rays, has high aerospace reliability and long service life
  9. The copper layer does not contain an oxide layer and can be used for a long time in a reducing atmosphere.

Application of Ceramic PCB 

Now ceramic PCB has been widely used because of its high thermal conductivity, low CTE, low dielectric constant, and chemical erosion resistance.

Memory module 

For example, a company from Japan had created a 1Mbit SRAM memory module making use of multi-layer ceramic PCB containing 4 IC chips, contributing to high reliability and high-density assembly.

What’s more, an American company had created missiles, telecommunication products, and aerospace products with ceramic PCB.

What the common feature all of them share is that they can be used in an extreme environment.

Multilayer ceramic PCB and packaging components have enough intensity and shock vibration resistance capability at the warhead.


There is an American company that creates receiving/transmission modules for radar with ceramic PCB.

Aluminum nitride has high thermal conductivity and low CTE, laying a good foundation for ceramic PCB in receiving/transmission module.

Multi-layer interconnect board

There are more components in the same PCB area for ceramic PCB to be compatible with the miniaturization of electronic products, it has more probabilities for ceramic PCB in the application of multilayer interconnect board.

Analog/Digital PCB

What’s more, a company from Japan made use of LTCC PCB to fabricate analog/digital PCB so which reduces the parasitic capacitance by about nine-tenths.

It not only effectively gets over crosstalk interference of circuit tracing, but also reduces the volume and weight of the circuit.

PCBMay is one reliable ceramic PCB manufacturer in China and we can provide different types for your projects.

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