Why Choose PCB Assembly in China?

Why Choose PCB Assembly in China 01

As we know that PCBs are the brains of all electronic devices. They are essential parts and plays major role in the functions of all electronic appliances. PCB Assembly is actually a procedure of bonding the electronic components or parts with the wirings of these PCBs.

Furthermore, it is very important to select perfect PCB Assembly manufacturers for your electronic products. Today PCB assembly in China has made its name in all over the world. Since they are providing world’s more than half production of PCBs.  

So, we are hear to tell you, why choose PCB Assembly in China.

Why Choose PCB Assembly in China.

Basically, China is providing their services beyond your imagination to all over the world. Their services of PCB Assembly are:

  • Fast
  • Cost efficient
  • Reliable.

In fact, China can provide their services to several varieties of consumers. Moreover, they provide their best to the customers whether they:

  • Start-up business dealers with quite tight budget
  • Business dealers who require high quality PCB production runs.

Moreover, PCB assembly services of china has ability to provide turnkey production services as well as they pay great attention to the exceeding needs of their customers from all over the world. Since China has aimed to become the leading industry of PCB assembly provider.

That is why PCB Assembly in China, is more efficient and trustworthy.

What is PCB Assembly?

Why Choose PCB Assembly in China 02

PCB Assembly is actually a procedure of bonding the electronic components or parts with the wirings of these PCBs. Circuit board is in its simplest form before the assembly of components and has known as Printed Circuit Board.

Moreover, an association of several different manual and automatic PCB assembly tools make use in a process called soldering. The actual process of assembly happens in it. When all components had soldered on the board, manufacturers call this board, a Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA). In fact, manufacturing process of PCB is totally different from the PCB assembly procedure.

Furthermore, the other popular names of PCBA are,

  • Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA)
  • PCB Assembly.

Engineers solder all the active and passive components on the circuit board, before using PCB in any electronic equipment or device.

Moreover, this assembly totally relies on,

  • The type of PCB
  • Required function of the circuit board
  • The kind of electronic components in the play

In fact, there are also many different electronic and consumable components which are necessary in PCB Assembly. such as:

Why You Should Focus China for PCB Assembly Services?

Basically, the process of PCB Assembly involves some types of plans in order to connect all parts to it.

If your requirements are high volume creation, actually,

  • Pick placed machine
  • Wave welding
  • Reflow ovens primarily delivers it

Furthermore, when you buy PCB Assembly from China, you get sure that they make use of above-examined and trustworthy materials and techniques. As we have examined that PCBs are an important and essential need in today’s latest and modern world.

Nowadays technology and engineering are rapidly improving day by day. So, it is very important that you use state-of-the-art electronics and gadgets in order to power these advancements. Moreover, in all the above advancements PCBs are base and play an essential and critical role.

So, for ideal electronic products and gadgets PCB Assembly and manufacturers are essential to be perfect in all ways. Hence, china is paying its all attention to this industry in order to become world’s leading industry for PCBs.

Basically, they know that all these processes regarding to PCBs are critical and need contemplations for highly accuracy. Moreover, China has succeeded to win the trust of all international manufacturers of this industry.

Today china has become a leading force in the worldwide assembly and manufacturing market of PCBs. Moreover, other markets such as, United States has lost its strength in the PCB manufacturing industry. on the other hand, China has developed great progresses in this field with each passing day.

What are Some Statistical Facts for PCB Manufacturing China VS USA?

Here are several important statistical facts which strongly shows that how China has leading the world in PCB manufacturing industry. Furthermore, how all significant manufacturers of electronics are looking for effectiveness and efficiency in PCB manufacturing.

  1. Flexible PCB manufacturing industry of China actually earns almost $7.5 billion from the worldwide revenue of PCB.
  2. Basically, PCB industry of United States almost produces $4 billion every year in the revenue. and at the end it had registered a -2.7% yearly decline since 2013.
  3. A clear report says that in US, manufacturers utilize about 21,000 people as workers. Moreover, just 500 PCB manufacturing companies are active at the moment.
  4. When we compare it with china, it has a revenue of about $95 billion. Hence, its recorded growth is 8.4% since the year 2013. Moreover, in China almost 700,000 jobs are available and 2,500 PCB manufacturing companies are active.
  5. In 2016, it was the first time when China revenue $60 billion for the industry of PCB.

What are Other Statistical Facts Regarding to Other Countries?

he other competing countries are,

  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • North Korea
  • Hong Kong.

But China is standing at the no.1 position from PCB manufacturing industry by controlling 43% worldwide.

Additionally, here is the percentages of producing PCBs and all assembly processes of other countries:

  • Japan 11%
  • South Korea 16%
  • Hong Kong 14%
  • North Korea 5%.

Global Fact

According to the latest analysis, worldwide PCB industry will depend on China. Because today China is contributing 7% to the growth of the PCB market.

This graph had produced and confirmed by WECC-Member Associations in 2014. It will guide you to understand the leading power of China in PCB industry.

Why Choose PCB Assembly in China 03

What are the Advantages of Choosing PCB Assembly in China?

Although there are several endless benefits of choosing PCB Assembly in China. Furthermore, we are only discussing some of these countless advantages.

Small-size, Multi-Functional PCBs

Basically, China boards of PCB Assembly have small sizes. Moreover, they are getting smaller by each passing day and getting great professionalism. Global electronic manufacturers are using these PCBs in vast number of electronic appliances and gadgets. Such as, smartphones and laptops in order to make them highly powerful and slim.

Furthermore, these small sized PCBs are playing an important and basic role in producing highly advanced and superb applications.

Expert Professional Touch

Engineers of China has provided endless online information and countless videos for the beginner PCB manufacturers. So that they can easily get information and utilize this information in do-it-yourself projects of PCB manufacturing.

In fact, these projects are related to hobby projects. Because in PCB manufacturing you need highly professional team and skilled experts. And for this purpose, PCB manufacturing in China is an ideal choice.

Centre of technology production

It is a real fact, that there are good PCB manufacturing companies all over the world. But China has proved itself highly significant in the field of PCB manufacturing. As they have,

  • Highly qualified technicians
  • Low labor cost
  • Advanced and latest system of disposal of toxic waste.
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