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PCBMay could offer one-stop solution for you: PCB layout & design,electronic components sourcing, PCB manufacturing and assembly in house.

Professional and Efficient PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services

Since it’s establishment in 2008, PCBMay has cooperated with customers in many countries, especial in Europe and America.

We could provide a full range of services, from PCB prototypingcircuit boards manufacturingPCB assembly to components sourcing services, all with guaranteed quality and cost-effective price.

Our products are widely used aerospace, military, automotive, data communications, industrial control, IOT, medical, electric power, energy, railways, afety-critical, telecommunications, LED lighting And other fields.

With decades of accumulation and experience, we have a very good team,and now our average annual output has reached 2.4 million per square meter.

Have a Strict Quality Control System

From raw material procurement to shipment,PCBMay highly pay attention to the quality control of every procedure,customer first,quality first.

We are well aware of the importance of quality to maintain customers,and we don’t want to lose any old customers,especially lose customers because of quality,so we’re focusing on quality.

For supplier selection,our company has established a special selection team,which will select manufacturers’ information every year,conduct field inspections,and will introduce qualified suppliers after group discussions.

We will also visit and inspect existing suppliers from time to time.Make timely adjustments and respond to changes in suppliers.

As for Production process quality control, from reviewing customer information to shipping, we require all engineers to carefully check every completed production data and BOM list, find and correct problems before starting production.

During the entire production process,we regularly conduct quality training for employees And assessment, the employees in each process are required to have the ability of self-inspection.

We have 5 sampling inspections and 2 full inspection procedures,and sampling inspection again before shipment.

Before shipping the finished product to our customers,we will conduct a comprehensive inspection and testing,including electrical testing,automatic optical inspection (AOI), automatic X-ray inspection (AXI), etc.

To ensure that the products delivered to customers are qualified and reliable.

In addition,we have passed IS09001: 2015,IS014001:2015 registration certification, product quality meets IPC-A-600G, USA standards, product hazardous substances are controlled in accordance with QC0000 standards for production and process control, to ensure that raw material procurement and processing technology meets RoHS and REACH instruction.

Timely Response and Personalized Service.

As a medium-sized company, PCBMay fully matches to customers’ needs and ccould provide timely and personalized services, which many large companies cannot provide to.

In order to make up for the inconvenience caused by the international time difference, we set up flexible working hours to maximize cooperation with customers and respond to customers in a timely manner.

Our exemplary customer satisfaction rate proves our ability to impress customers.

When we produce PCBs, we provide component procurement services and PCB assembly at the request of customers, saving customers the time and cost of finding suppliers. For old customers with large orders, we have irregular feedback activities such as free samples and order discounts.

We believe that our hard work and loyalty can impress customers.

Diversified Production, Reasonable Price, Accurate Delivery

After more than 10 years of development,we have expanded the small and medium batch production of HDI boards,FPC boards,Flex-Rigid boards and some other special laminations such as Rogers board.

We have our own multilayer lamination production line, which can produce 4, 6, 8 and multillayer board.

We have won wide recognition from new and old customers with quick response, reliable quality and reasonable price.

We are looking forward to working with you and looking forward to becoming one of your most trusted suppliers.

In addition,our company attaches great importance to the training, retention of talents and team building.

We believe in the power of talents and teams. The company has made a lot of efforts in the talent incentive and retention mechanism, and the separation rate of employees is extremely low.

Therefore, we have a stable and excellent team. Cooperating with us,you don’t have to worry about future changes and then cause inconvenience to you.

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