How To Choose A Reliable PCB Manufacturer In China?

About PCB Manufacturing in China

A PCB is considered the brain of electronics as it plays one of the most significant roles in the function execution of electronic products.

PCB manufacturing in China has become a widespread phenomenon, and there are strong reasons why more companies and individuals are going for this option.

This article will compare PCB manufacturing in other countries and PCB manufacturing in China so that you can make the right choice of where to get yours.

What is a Printed Circuit Board?

A Printed Circuit Board or PCB is a board that is used to connect electrical components.

The board is made out of Fiberglass, Epoxy and other laminated material with copper tracks in place of wires to make connections between components.

Components like Microchips, Diodes, Resistors, and Switches are soldered onto the board and the copper traces provide the electrical connections between them through conducting pathways.

Paul Eisler invented the printed circuit board (PCB) in 1936. Before the PCB was invented electronic components were connected with a number of wires and as a result took up a large amount of space.

Printed Circuit Boards save considerable amounts of space as the boards are much more compact and are better organized.

Thus, PCBs help make electronic and electrical systems smaller.

In addition to making circuits smaller, PCBs make it easier to repair circuits and identify any potential errors.

They are low-cost, highly reliable, and immune to movement. Due to these advantages, they have become the de facto standard and are used in almost all electronic systems.

PCB Manufacturing China vs. PCB Manufacturing in Other Countries

Why You Should Be Focusing On China

PCBs are essential in today’s modern world. Technology is continuously improving, and so is the need for state-of-the-art gadgets and electronics to power these advancements, in which PCB’s play a critical role.

Manufacturing PCBs is as crucial as the design process as very careful contemplations must be considered.

China is a leading role in the global PCB manufacturing market.

While the strength of other markets like the United States has been on a steady decline through the years, it has been a very different story for China.

PCB Production Major Producing Countries

PCB Production Major Producing Countries

Let’s have a look at some statistical facts that strongly indicate PCB manufacturing in China compares with other countries’ PCB manufacturing:

•  The United States PCB industry generates about $4 billion each year in revenue and has registered a -2.7% yearly decline since 2013.

Less than 500 companies are active, and manufacturers employ about 21,000 people.

On the other hand, China’s PCB industry has a revenue of about $95 billion and has recorded a growth of 8.4% since 2013.

There are about 2,500 companies active, creating nearly 700,000 jobs.

•  The manufacture of Flexible Printed Circuit Boards in China contributes about $7.5 billion to the global PCB revenue.

•  For the first time ever, in the year 2016, operating revenues in China topped $60 billion for the PCB industry.

•  Of the top 5 biggest countries in regulation of the PCB industry, China comes at number one, controlling 43% of the PCB industry.

Next to China is South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and North America, which control 16%, 14%, 11%, and 5% respectively.

•  According to trend analysis, the global industry of PCBs will be boosted by orders from China because China alone contributed 7% to the growth of the market.

Top 10 PCB Producing Countries

Top 10 PCB Producing Countries

Advantages Of PCB Manufacturing In China

PCB manufacturing in China has many benefits when compared to other alternatives, and we would like to discuss just a few of them here.

•  Seasoned professional touch: there is plenty of information online and tons of videos that any individual can utilize to embark on do-it-yourself projects for PCB manufacturing projects.

However, most of these will not result in professionally finished work and are simply hobby projects.

In many cases, it is always best to leave the skilled labor to professionals, and this is very true in the manufacture and assembly of PCBs.

Excellent PCB manufacture and assembly companies like Moko Technology have the full setup laced with error spotting abilities and expert testing of your final PCB.

This way you have confidence and can concentrate on creating your final product.

•  Hub of technology production: there are many good PCB companies around the world, but China is already known as the location for the significant production of technology.

This is probably due to a combination of low labor costs, competent technicians to oversee the process, and an advanced system of toxic waste disposal.

•  Small-sized, multifunctional PCBs: PCB manufacturing in China is small in size and only getting smaller by the day.

They are also used in a plethora of applications, turning laptops and smartphones into more powerful machines with higher features. These small PCBs are playing an essential role in constructing more advanced and outstanding devices.

What You Should Know About China PCB Service
Due to continual advancements in modern technology, the size of circuit boards keeps shrinking with time, but the smaller sizes don’t hinder circuit boards from being extremely reliable and vastly multifunctional.

Dues to this fact, PCB manufacturing covers a wide range of elements that indirectly or directly controls the smooth running of PCB boards.

China remains a leading giant in electronics manufacturing worldwide and no doubt because of its sturdy political environment, plenteous natural and human resources, favorable national policies, and constantly rising international influence.

We seek to educate global customers on the special characteristics that strong China PCB companies have to offer the market.

•  Main Components For PCB Assembly: PCBs might be small, but there are many details to them, especially with the increasing complexities being introduced as technology evolves.

When you engage a professional PCB assembly China company like PCBMay, these are the common leading components of PCB assembly in China:

  • Design: a PCB design file containing an idea with details of fundamental parameters.
  • Prototyping: a direct way to test is the idea in the design stage is feasible and becomes a key reference during mass production.
  • Fabrication: laying a foundation for electronic connection by setting up the core parts of the PCB.
  • Assembly: sourcing and implementation of components.
  • Rework and repair: a small section for thorough checks.
  • Sourcing: connecting manufacturers with customers for parts like copper foil and covering substrate.

Regular Procedure To Get PCB Assembly From China: engaging the services of Chinese PCB companies like PCBMay involves certain basic procedures.

PCB assembly in China comes with many advantages but still complies with approved trade policies around the globe. The following steps will set you on a clear path to acquiring PCB assembly from China:

  • Create PCB design from your idea: create a rational PCB design file upon which your dreams will take wings.
  • Choose a trusted assembly company in China: you can utilize the tips provided below in selecting the perfect PCB company.
  • Make a prototype order: after sorting the idea and getting the right company, you get the ball rolling at this stage.
  • Validate the standards and performance of your prototype: inspect, correct, and smooth the prototype.
  • Make a mass order: once you get an error-free pass, go ahead and place mass order.
  • Modify the design to fit your mass order: make modifications to the prototype to fit your mass order where necessary.
  • To confirm the final design so production can start: mass order production commences upon confirmation.
  • Wait for your order to be delivered and use them on your electronics: pay for the order, choose a delivery method, and wait for fulfillment.
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