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Our Printed Circuit Board Assembly Service is China's Leading One-stop Solution for PCB and Assembly in house, specializing in small and medium runs with fast lead-times and no minimum quantity requirements.

Our PCBA services specialize in prototyping and small-volume production, making PCBMay the one-stop destination of boards fabrication and assembly. This arrangement makes your R&D work easy and time-saving. Our professional engineers and technicians will work closely with you through our customer service people to ensure the best quality and quickest possible lead time. Fulfilling thousands of orders daily from around the world, we have established us as the leading supplier of PCB and PCBA services for our consistent quality and excellent services.

Main Advantages of PCB Assembly Service are in PCBMay

Over 12 years PCB Assembly Service manufacturing experience.

Over 50 technical engineering to support your electronic development and manufacturing.

No MOQ for new orders,even one piece.

Take 50% OFF up to $300 on your first assembly order.

No set-up fees & no stencil charges for repeat orders.

Latest myDATA PCB assembly equipments.

Files receive full CAM review prior to manufacturing.

PCBs flow seamlessly from fabrication to assembly.

100% E-test and AOI inspection.

UL,RoHs,REACH and ISO Certifications.

Providing Micro-section,soldering sample and COC report.

Shipping by international forwarder UPS,Fedex,DHL.

7/24 online support for your business.

Consumer Electronics Assembly

Consumer Electronics PCB Assembly

Consumer electronics PCB assembly services and solutions are used in smartphones,computers and tablets,video gaming consoles,LED lighting,digital cameras,stereo players,camcorders,cordless mouse,All-in-one printers,wireless networking,retail lighting,solid state drives.

Industrial Control PCB Assembly

Industrial Control PCB Assembly

PCBMay offers our customers an excellent quality range of Industry Controller Care Board PCB and Industrial control PCB Assembly. These are manufactured from qualitative range of raw materials.The products are related PLC,DCS,PAC,industrial control bai machine,integrated control,industrial security,etc.

Medical Device Assembly

Medical Device PCB Assembly

Medical PCB assembly is the process of putting together important, life-changing medical devices in a clean manufacturing facility. This allows for the creation of countless quality medical devices.PCBMay can provide box build, PCB assembly and testing for virtually any medical or dental equipment control board needed.

Power Supply Assembly

Power Supply PCB Assembly

PCBMay offers different kinds of power PCB(heavy copper PCB),any electronic product has a power supply assembly, which needs to be changed from AC voltage to DC voltage, including our common TVs, computers, DVDs, stereos, switches, routers, etc., which have power supplies.

Security Device PCB Assembly

Security Device PCB Assembly

A security device or token is given to authorized users for them to use when authenticating to network resources,such as Bank security device,access control device,keypad, wireless keypad, weigand keypad, card reader, prox card, and key fob,camera,alam system,detector,etc.

Smart Home Device Assembly

Smart Home Device Assembly

There're many types of smart swiches,such as mart switches, lighting equipment, smart door locks, electric curtains, bathroom toilets, kitchen appliances, sweeping robots and terminal controllers.The features of this product are video dommands,remote access and energy saver.

Telecom PCB Assembly

Telecom PCB Assembly

PCBMay specialists in telecom PCB assembly and telecom PCB assembly service, and as one of China’s leading electronics manufacturers, you can rely on our knowledge and expertise to provide you with the highest quality PCB Assembly, PCB Assembly service, PCB and printed circuit boards, exactly when you need them.

WiFi Module PCB Assembly

WiFi Module PCB Assembly

PCBMay provides one stop solution from Wifi PCB assembly to wifi module assembly services.All WiFi module prototype pcb assembly services is available in 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz versions and supports a chip antennae as well as external antenna.The module design can be integrated into customer carrier boards designs using our schematics as a reference design.

Lora Module PCB Assembly

Lora Module PCB Assembly

The LORA-13S wireless control module is a new distributed wireless module developed based on LoRa wireless technology that integrates switch input/output, temperature, current input and voltage output. It is characterized by multi-channel, low power consumption, anti-interference, transmission modes point to point,and broadcast monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Our PCB Assembly Service Process and Capabilities

Here you will find many quick questions and answers about PCB Assembly Service,don’t hesitate to contact us,our email is sales@pcbmay.com.

A PCB populated with electronic components is called a printed circuit assembly (PCA), printed circuit board assembly or PCB assembly (PCBA). In informal usage, the term “printed circuit board” most commonly means “printed circuit assembly” (with components).

PCBMay is one of your best choices and we have one team who is responsible for components sourcing,PCB layout and manufacturing,assembly in house.

From the descriptions above, we can determine that the PCBA refers to a processing flow, or the complete circuit board while the PCB refers to an empty printed circuit board with no electronic components on it. Generally, PCB is a bare board while PCBA is the finished board.

The standard delivery time of PCB assembly is 3-4weeks.

Printed circuit board assembly is the process of connecting the electronic components with the wirings of printed circuit boards. The traces or conductive pathways engraved in the laminated copper sheets of PCBs are used within a non-conductive substrate in order to form the assembly.

We need Gerber files, Centroid data and BOM for your PCBA orders. As have already placed your PCB order with us, actually you only need to send the latter two if your PCB Gerber files have included the layers of silkscreen, copper track and solder paste. 

No,we can produce 1 to 10,000 pieces,what’s more,there is also no minimum order surcharge or additional fees

21st century is actually the era of science and technology. Because with every passing day, technology is making progress in a rapid pace. Moreover,PCB assembly service is playing basic and essential role in this development.

In fact, several devices and gadgets are upgrading at regular basis.And uses of PCBs in your complicated and simple electronic devices have become part and parcel.So,PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) service is basically the backbone of all electronic industries. Let’s read and explore more about the service of PCBA.

What is PCB Assembly Service?

PCB assembly is very important step in fabrication of the PCB. Whereas PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. Furthermore,PCB is an essential component of each and every electronic device and gadget.

Basically, PCB is a thin board and designers make it from:

  • Composite epoxy
  • Fiberglass
  • Several other laminate materials.

There are different kinds of PCBs which PCB assembly service use them according to the needs of different applications. PCB provides a mechanical support for several different electronic elements.Moreover,electronic manufacturers are making use of PCBs for both purposes. Such as,

  • Industrial purpose
  • Domestic purposes.

On the other hand, PCBs are also providing mechanical support to all parts of electricity.

pcb assembly service 01

PCB assembly is basically the procedure of connecting all the electronic parts with the help of wirings of PCBs. Designers engrave the conductive traces or pathways in the sheets of laminated copper of PCBs. And so, they use them inside a non-conductive substrate to build a PCBA.

So, PCBA actually means the combination of PCB, electronic accessories and parts.

How Many Kinds of PCBs do Manufacturers use in PCB Assembly Service?

Generally,there are 8 types of PCBs which electronic manufacturers use in PCB assembly service.

In addition,these different kinds of PCBs are:

All the above PCBs are important and have different beneficial features. Moreover,electronic designers can use them according to the requirements of their PCBA.

pcb assembly service 03

Three Basic PCB Assembly Methods

PCB assembly is very important step in the fabrication of PCB.Moreover,it also includes all the other parts which are essential in order to create the complete PCB.

Electronic experts advise to execute the process of PCB assembly with great care,all precision and with a full attention. So that it can perform a successful operation of all the electronic devices.

Essentially electronic manufacturers use 3 methods to manufacture PCB assembly.Furthermore, these 3 methods of PCB assembly service are:

  1. Through-Hole Technique (THT)
  2. Surface Mount Technique (SMT)
  3. Electro-mechanical assembly

In addition,THT gives potential to all parts or components. While SMT is very helpful even in limited spaces.

Here is detail information of all these assembly methods.

Through-Hole Technique (THT):

In this process designers attach all components with the help of leads. In this kind of PCB assembly, they use PCBs with drill holes.So,it is very easy to assemble the components with PCB because leads are very easy to insert into drill holes.

Surface Mount Technique (SMT):

This technique had basically start in 60’s.Moreover,it had further developed in 80’s.And nowadays this PCB assembly service is widely using by several manufacturers of PCBA.In this process electrical designers include all parts with tabs of metal which they can easily solder to the PCB.

This is a very effective method of soldering.Moreover,this process provides densities of higher circuit and we can also fix the components at both sides of a PCB.  

Electro-Mechanical Assembly:

The other name of this assembly process is box-build assembly.In addition,this process makes use of the following elements:

  • Looms
  • Cable assembly
  • Wire harnesses
  • Molded plastic
  • Custom metalwork.

Designers use all the above elements to assemble electronic parts with PCBs.

Why PCB Assembly Service is Necessary for Any Business?

In fact,PCB assembly services are extremely precise and highly efficient and hence these are getting more importance in electronic manufacturing.They have become an essential part in mechanism and are performing an integral part.

Additionally,they are so important that electronics cannot even imagine to operate without them. These electronic appliances are:

  • Computers
  • iPods
  • Laptops
  • Calculators
  • Gaming machines
  • Television
  • Consoles and so on.

In this extra modern technological and digital world, use of PCBA has become essential and more significant because of its effectiveness and usefulness.Because electronic manufacturers use PCBs into electronic appliances and machines in order to connect parts or components.

Today newest generation is trying to explore the new exposures of microelectronics.So that they can lead the electronic packaging and engineering industry in order to innovate more and newer improve technologies.

So, only perfectly accurate and most effective PCB assembly service can sure that all electronic appliances will operate more precisely. And hence this generation is trying to explore perfect PCB assembly which will able to give absolute productivity.

Moreover,only a perfect PCBA service can give the electronic devices which will operate highly precision.

pcb assembly service 02

What is the Importance of PCB Assembly Service in Today’s Era?

As we have recognized the importance of using PCBs in electronic devices.Moreover,in complicated appliances and complex devices PCBA is extremely significant.Because they have ability to upgrade any digital appliance or device without any type of hassle.

PCB assembly has become part and parcel process in today’s business industry because of the extensive use of PCBs.Hence,PCB assembly service has got so importance in today’s technological era that we can’t imagine any progress without using it.

What are the Advantages of Using External PCB Assembly Service?

Here we are giving you some best reasons that why now every company is making use of PCBA service.

Saving of Labor Costs and Investments

Basically,PCB assembly service saves very large amount of labor costs and investments when you availing service from exterior firms. Moreover, there are lot of expenses in PCB assemblies. Such as it includes:

  • Setting up operations
  • Managing inventory
  • Hiring labor
  • Upgrading and maintaining all their facilities and many more.

When you get outsource PCBA service all of above tasks will be the responsibility of externals.

Focusing on Core Powers

When you decide to get benefits from externalPCB assembly service providers,your focus will at basic product developments and also on their basic competencies.In this way, you can easily increase competencies of your products. You can fully concentrate on many other activities. Such as:

  • Building of the brand
  • Strengthening and researching sales of your products.

Moreover,you can also make better marketing network.

Get Benefits from Expert Assistance

When you decide to get service of an expert and external PCBA service,you get benefits from special experts. Because best assembly services also have expert work-force who provide PCB assemblies with,

  • Competent
  • Precise and high-quality.

Moreover,a best PCB assembly service also provide you all the latest and advanced industry standards.  

But if you want to meet all above benefits,it is very important to hire a highly professional, reliable and reputed PCB assembly service manufacturer.


As we know that PCBs have become an essential part of electronic devices. Moreover,we even cannot imagine any device without them. And so PCBA has also performing a great role in the progress of modern-day electronics. It has following advantages like:

  1. Price Per Unit Benefits
  2. Extensive Experience’s worth
  3. Less Capital Investment
  4. Product Design Improvements
  5. Quality Assurance

Above 5 benefits of PCB assembly service make them highly effective in electronic industries.

Please see the capabilites from PCBMay as below:

No.ItemProcess Capability Parameter 
1Order Quantity≥1PCS
2Quality GradeIPC-A-610
3Lead Time24 hours expedited service can be offered. 3- 4 days normally for PCBA prototype orders. We will give you accurate lead time when we quote for you.
5Board TypeRigid PCB, Flexible PCB, metal core PCB
6Min Package01005 (0.4mm*0.2mm)
7Max PackageNo limit
8Mounting Accuracy±0.035mm(±0.025mm)  Cpk≥1.0 (3σ)
9Surface FinishLead/Lead-free HASL, Immersion gold,OPS etc.
10Assembly TypesSurface mount (SMT), Through-hole (DIP), Mixed technology (SMT & Thru-hole)
11Component SourcingTurnkey (All components sourced by PCBMay), Partial turnkey, Kitted/Consigned
12BGA PackageBGA Dia. 0.14mm, BGA 0.2mm pitch
13SMT Parts PresentationCut Tape, Partial reel, Reel,Tube, Tray, Laser-cut Stainless Steel
14Cable AssemblyWe supply custom cables, cable assemblies, wiring looms/harnesses and power leads for various industries including automotive, security, mining, medical and entertainment.
15StencilStencil with or without frame (offered free by PCBMay)
16Quality InspectionVisual inspection; AOI checking; BGA placement – X-RAY checking
17SMT Capacity3 Million~4 Million Soldering Pad/day
18DIP Capacity100 Thousand Pins/day

See What Our Customers Say

We're using some prototypes of PCB assembly from PCBMay recently,their service is excellent and also their team is very professional,they gave me many advice for our design,so that our product could work very well,we will continue to use their service in the future.
Alan Lemmens
Buyer Manager
We love the quality from PCBMay very much,because we have tried some other vendors but they couldn't reach our quality level.moreover,we're working with PCBMay for many years and there's no quality complaint,they're one of our best PCB assembly suppliers.
Debbi Naab
Quality Manager
Their leading time is scheduled every time,even there's delayed,the sales team of PCBMay could tell us in advance,especially after every Chinese New Year holiday,they inform us that the delivery time will be longer 3-5days,thus,their team communcation is very good.
George Locklear
Purchase Director

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