Top PCB Manufacturers In China- Everything You Need To Know in 2024


When it is all about PCB manufacturing, the region that first comes to mind is China. We will discuss the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China throughout this post.

PCBs are the most important aspect of any type of modern electronics. Because every electronic device is powered by a printed circuit board.

So, when you talk about PCBs, PCB manufacturing is one of the most important facts. Among the hundreds of PCB manufacturers, we will pick the top 10 based on their capability, experience, infrastructure, and skills.

So, let’s see who is on our list. Before leaping, let’s discuss some related things first.

The Size Of PCB Manufacturing Industry In China

China has been dominating the PCB manufacturing industry since the year 2000. Before this, like in the 1980s, America, Europe and Japan were the key players in the PCB manufacturing industry.

By that time, they had been holding 80% of the total PCB market share in the entire world. But, you know, the time changes. Whereas in the 1980s China had been holding only 2% of the entire market share, this became 54% in the year 2018.

PCB Manufacturing Market Size Chart In China

PCB Manufacturing Market Size Chart In China

By comparison with other industries, the PCB industry has had the fastest growth in China over the last few years. The market size of PCB in China was 93.4 billion USD in 2017. In the year 2021, the size increased from 109.1 billion USD to 114.2 billion USD in 2020.

Finally, the latest PCB market size in China is 119.7 billion USD in 2022.

By this time, the increase rate of the market is 5.1% from the year 2017 to 2022. And, in 2022, the increase rate is 4.8% solely.

The PCB manufacturing industry in China is the fastest growing industry of any other manufacturing industry.

The PCB manufacturer in China has been producing PCB for different sectors. Among them, the automotive sector is the biggest one.

The Factors That Impact The PCB Manufacturing Costs In China

The manufacturing cost is the most important segment in any industry. But in the PCB industry, it is more likely to be considered the top priority.

Because every manufacturing part is related to particular cost cases. There are many facts that impact the manufacturing cost of a PCB. They are as follows.

PCB Manufacturing Cost Varies For Different Reasons

PCB Manufacturing Cost Varies For Different Reasons

Size Of The PCB Boards And The Number Of The Layer OF The PCB

The size of the board significantly affects the costs. The bigger the board size, the bigger the cost. For example, the board size varies in different sizes. They include 14×18-inch, 18×21-inch, 18×24-inch, 24×30-inch, etc.

Different sizes of the board cost you based on their sizes. So, don’t waste any space onboard when manufacturing. Utilize the entire space on the board.

Aside from the size, the number of copper layers is another big player that impacts the cost. More copper layers will be increased in the entire cost.

Components And Materials

If you need high-grade components and materials to use, get ready for paying more than a standard PCB. Like your high-frequency PCB, high TG PCB, extensive thermal management, extra durability, etc will need more money to implement.

The Turnaround Time

Do you need quick production in case of an emergency? In this case, what do you think about the cost? Obviously, you will need to pay a higher rate than the standard turnaround time.

Because, in this case, the manufacturer must source the products with hurries, need more manpower to use at a time, more pieces of machinery cost, etc. So, it is expected that the manufacturer will charge you more money in this case.

The Quantity Of The PCBs

It is a common scenario in manufacturing that if you order a bulk quantity of goods to produce, you will get them at a lower cost. Its opposite phenomenon will do the exact opposite thing.

You will need to spend more money if the order quantity is lower.

Assembly Process

There are mainly two types of assembly technologies used in the PCB assembly process. They are Surface Mount Technology (SMT), and Through-hole Technology(THT).

SMT is an automated assembling technology that needs less labor. Most modern electronics use SMT for component assembly on PCBs. Automation and more perfection reduce the cost of PCB manufacturing.

On the other hand, THT is another old PCB assembly technology. Here you need to solder the connection manually. So, expectedly, the cost is high in THT. determining the assembly needs depends on the application of the PCBs and other things.

The PCB Board Materials Used In China

A PCB manufacturer in China uses different types of PCB board material to build the PCB board. As we mentioned before, the board materials depend on the requirement and the application of the PCBs.

By the way, let’s see the most used PCB materials that are used in making PCBs.


FR4 is the most used and most common material that is used in PCB board manufacturing. The FR refers to flame retardant, which is grade 4. It has NEMA LI-1998 class standards.

FR4 holds standard thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties. FR4 is an epoxy-based material that is combined with glass cloth.

FR4 is mostly used for lower-layer count PCBs, which are up to 14 layers. Also, it is the cheapest material used in making PCB boards.

Different Types OF PCB Materials

Different Types Of PCB Materials


Polyimide is an upgraded material than FR4. It provides better performance along with thermal management and electrical properties. This flexible material is highly survivable in higher temperatures than FR4.

On the other hand, polyimide also costs a little higher than FR4 as well.

PTFE Teflon

Teflon is the most expensive material used in PCB. It also has better performance than the previous two in terms of heat management, mechanical, and electrical performance.

High-speed and high-frequency PCBs use the PTFE for extensive performance. By the way, using PTFE for manufacturing PCBs requires extra and precise skills.

What Are The Factors To Consider While Choosing A PCB Manufacturer In China?

A good PCB production depends on the PCB manufacturer in China. So, when you go to manufacture your PCBs, you must collaborate with the best PCB manufacturer in China.

But, how do you determine the best manufacturer? Or do you know how to pick the best PCB manufacturer?

A Good PCB Manufacturer In China Has Several Characteristics

A Good PCB Manufacturer In China Has Several Characteristics

Okay, let me help you out here. There are many criteria that should be checked

Grow Some Questions

The first step is to ask some related questions about the manufacturer. Ask the PCB manufacturer in China how long he has been in the sector. What is his experience, does he have the required certifications to do PCB manufacturing?

If you get the right answers that make you satisfied, then it’s ok.

Products And Quality

First, you must be assured that the PCB manufacturer in China provides the product type you are looking for. If you find them specialized in the particular product, it will add a plus point.

Make sure the products are standard. You should not compromise the product quality. Check they maintain all product quality tests to ensure product quality. Also, check they use the proper PCB testing methods.


The best PCB manufacturer in China would be highly capable of manufacturing PCB with several criteria. He should handle a bulk order quantity along with maintaining the quality of the PCBs.

Also, the manufacturer should be efficient enough to maintain the turnaround time. Check how he manages the PCB layers, controls impedance, and applies the surface finishes.

Also, the via implementation is another important subject to connect layers. Check if the manufacturer has mastery of it.


Good pricing is the last word of any business. Along with standard quality, if you don’t get cost-effectiveness, that might not be fruitful for your business.

Just make sure the PCB manufacturer in China provides you with the best pricing along with the peak quality of the PCBs.


The best PCB manufacturer must have the latest and most advanced facilities. They include infrastructure, technology, workspace, testing facility, and others. So, make sure that the manufacturer facilitates them.

Let’s see in detail how to choose a PCB manufacturer in China.

The Types Of PCB Assembly Process In China: Through-Hole And Surface Mount Technology

In the PCB manufacturing process, there are two types of PCB assembly processes that are used. They are Through-Hole technology and Surface Mount Technology. Let’s have a brief elaboration on both of them.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Surface mount technology is a PCB component assembling technology that does not follow any soldering. The components are directly placed on the board and go through a reflow process through a reflow woven.

Surface Mount PCB Doesn't Need Drilling

Surface Mount PCB Doesn’t Need Drilling

The components that are used in SMT are called “Surface Mount Devices 9SMDs)”. The popularity of SMT started in the 1980s. Since then, it has almost replaced the through-hole mount technology.

The following video shows the SMT PCB assembly process.


Through-Hole Technology (THT)

The through-hole technology refers to the placement of PCB components through drilled holes on PCBs and soldered. A PCB manufacturer in China can solder PCB components in THT by wave soldering or hand soldering.

For both options, leads are placed into the holes. The Through-hole technology was popular until the 1980s when the SMT came. The rise of SMT decreased the popularity of THT for many reasons.

The Differences Between Surface Mount Technology And Through-Hole Technology

There are several differences between SMT and THT.

The key difference is that the SMT does not need any drilling on the PCB. Rather the components are placed and attached with the reflow process.

On the other hand, THT needs to drill on the PCBs to mount the components. After mounting they need to be soldered as well.

In SMT, you can mount devices on both sides of the PCB, but can’t do this in THT.

The SMT facilitates automated assembly, but THT allows only manual assembly.

You need to use an SMT stencil in the SMT process, but don’t need a stencil in THT.

In SMT, the components are placed with higher density but lower in THT.

You need to go through a complex BGA rework process in SMT, but the rework process is simple in THT.

Advantages Of SMT

  • Compact PCB size.
  • PCB assembly automation.
  • Higher component density.
  • No drilling, no soldering.
  • The higher placement rates.
  • Cost-effective.
  • A faster assembly as a result.

Advantages Of THT

  • Stronger mechanical bond.
  • Strong components that can bear more mechanical stress.
  • Easy for manual adjustment and handling.

Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in China

Now, we are going to pick 10 PCB manufacturers in China. Remember one thing, there are many PCB manufacturers in China, but we aren’t picking more than 10 here.

So, If you find someone reliable on this list, we appreciate going for them. No worries, a bunch of PCB manufacturers in China can be on the top list.

By the way, let’s check our pick for the top 10 PCB manufacturers in China.

1. PCBMay



PCBMay is a top PCB manufacturer in China. PCBMay is your leading and one-stop PCB manufacturer in China that you can rely on. They provide all types of PCB manufacturing services including PCB design, assembly, testing, and so on.

You can get your single-layer, double-layer, multilayer, HDI, high-frequency, aluminum, and other types of PCBs from PCBMay. PCBMay holds all types of IPC certifications, along with other required certificates.

Along with traditional PCB manufacturing, you can get your custom PCB from PCBMay as well. They are experts in circuit simulation, PCB design, schematic component library design, and so on.

Also, you will get the ensured quality that meets your requirements. PCBMay is a full-service PCB manufacturer in China. You won’t be bothered by the different needs of different PCB manufacturers in China. All you get your desired things in a single place.

PCBMay ensures extensive R&D, PCB prototyping, and so on. Along with all the advantages, you will also get the fastest delivery from PCBMay for your bulk order, or PCB prototypes, whatever you want.

Address: 11 floors, QiHang Building, 5059#SongBai Road GongMing Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen, China

2. PCBWay



PCBWay is another leading PCB manufacturer in China. They are one of skilled PCB layout and layer designers. You will get qualitative PCBs from them.

They have many customers around the world. You can get your customized PCBs from them. PCBWay provides all types of PCB for all types of PCB purposes.

You will find single-layer, double-layer, multilayer, and other PCBs from them. Aside from them, you will also get HDI PCBs, high-frequency PCBs, and other high-grade PCBs from PCBWay.

They maintain quality along with minimum lead time. PCBWay also ensures fast delivery all over the world.

Address:  Room 301, Building No.32, Longwangmiao Industrial Zone, Fuyong Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

3. PCBGoGo



PCBGoGo is another leading PCB manufacturer in China. You will be able to find all your PCB requirements fulfilled here in PCBGoGo.

They provide PCB manufacturing along with PCB assembly services as well. On the other hand, you will get custom PCB services with your custom requirements. PCBGoGo offers different types of PCB for different industries like military, aerospace, industrial use, consumer products, etc.

They provide any type of PCB including, multilayer, flexible, rigid-flex, and others. Also, different types of PCB materials are used in their PCB making including Teflon, Roger PCB, Polyimide, FR4, etc.

4. Agile Circuit Co. Ltd

Agile Circuit Co

Agile Circuit Co. Ltd

Agile is one of the finest PCB manufacturers in China. They have been producing PCBs for a long day.

You will get any type of your desired PCB along with a custom design here. You can build your custom PCB for particular applications as well. It is a customer-oriented company that always tries to provide the best products.

On the other hand, their engineering team is highly professional and skilled. You can also find PCBs from them for different types of applications such as computer, industrial applications, military, automotive, and so on.

They provide any types of PCBs including metal-core, aluminum, high-frequency, flexible, blind vias, buried vias PCBs, and so on.

Address: FB9008 Haoyunlai Building, Liu Tang Road Xixiang Bao’an Dist, Shenzhen 518102 China

5. Ray PCB



RayPCB is one of the leading and experienced PCB manufacturers in China. You will get the fastest quote, along with cost-effectiveness. They provide all types of PCB manufacturing along with assembling.

Their research and development team consists of highly qualified and experienced individuals. From a PCB manufacturer in China, you will be able to get anything you want.

RayPCB provides a broad range of PCB manufacturing services, including a variety of designs and customization options. it can provide you with the bespoke PCBs and PCB prototypes that you need.

They are capable of providing flex, rigid, rigid-flex, aluminum, and other PCBs. These include single-sided, double-sided, multilayer, and others. They also provide engineering services, const consulting, and lifecycle management services.

Address: L3#, Exhibition Bay South, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, Fuhai Baoan, Shenzhen, China

6. PCBCart

PCBCart Logo


PCBcart specializes in providing companies of all sizes with full-range and high-quality PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and components sourcing services.

They can cover from quick-turn PCB prototyping to full production, part kitting to full turn-key assembly, and PCB design instructions to PCB material suggestions.

They also ship internationally, so regardless of where your company is located, explore our wide range of PCB services today. Our one-stop PCB production solutions shorten your products’ time to market, dramatically improving the return on investment (ROI) of OEMs.

Address: Floor 1st/2nd, Building #C, NO.163 Wu Chang Avenue, Yu Hang District, Hangzhou, China




Since its founding in 2006, JLCPCB has been considered a reliable PCB manufacturer in China. They provide quality PCBs at competitive prices. They ensure everything you need for all types of PCBs.

They work quickly and efficiently to ensure you get the finest services from a PCB manufacturer in China. Their services enable flexible bending, and several bending cycles, allowing for compact packaging, space-saving, and other benefits, amongst other advantages.

Improved design structure, more 3D flexibility, multilayer PCBs, and a variety of other improvements contribute to increased efficiency.

By the way, JLCPCB holds all types of required certifications including IPC standards.

Address: 27th Floor, Olympics Building, Shangbao Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

8. MOKO Technology


MOKO Technology

MOKO Technology is a leading EMS provider in China, with rich experience and expertise, providing customers with excellent service and creating superior products to improve people’s lives.

Their teams from different departments work collaboratively and efficiently to provide turnkey EMS services to clients from various markets, the services range from PCB New Product Introduction, engineering, and manufacturing, to PCB assembly, supply chain management, and other value-added services.

Address: 4F, Building 2, Guanghui Technology Park, Mingqing Rd, Longhua, Shenzhen, China

9. China PCB One

China PCB One

China PCB One

China PCB One is one of the high-tech PCB manufacturers in China. They are specialized in prototyping PCB manufacturing.

China PCB One has a wide number of required certifications including IPC, and ISO. Most of PCB One’s PCBs are used in sectors like communications, medical, aerospace, industrial, solar energy, and many more.

They are good at mid-volume PCB manufacturing along with assembling, component purchasing, quick turn PCB services, and other related services.

Their R&D team is highly professional along with great design and production accuracy. Aside from this, with long-time industry experience, they have been managed by a highly professional management team.

Address: No. 5 Building, XinYuan industry Park, TangWei Village, Fuyong Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China




With a short-time establishment period, ALLPCB has been becoming a strong PCB manufacturer in China. ALLPCB is one of the PCB manufacturers that is committed to building ECMS.

ALLPCB is a giga-factory in the People’s Republic of China. They have all of the necessary PCB manufacturing facilities, such as production, assembly, industrial control, and so on and so forth.

They are also involved in the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 technologies, as well as intelligent hardware and communication equipment.

To summarize, ALLPCB is a high-quality printed circuit board manufacturer in China.

Address: 12th Floor, West No.2 Building, XinTianDi Business Center, No.71-8 ShiXiang Road, Xicheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

Frequently Asked Questions

→ What Is A PCB Manufacturer In China?

PCB manufacture is the process of creating the printed circuit boards (PCBs) of your choice. There are a number of phases involved in the whole manufacturing of a PCB.

PCB schematic design, layout design, printing, etching, component placement, routing, and so on are examples of such services. The PCB manufacturer is in charge of all of these procedures and processes.

→ Who Designs PCB?

A PCB designer is a technical expert, specifically a design engineer who specializes in printed circuit boards. A computer and computer software like Solidworks PCB design, Altium Designer, or other tools like these are used by him to design circuit boards.

A designer is capable of developing PCB designs in 3D and 2D that can be viewed visually by the public. By the way, in order to get effective PCB design output, designers must adhere to the right PCB design rules.

→ Is PCB Manufacturing In China Profitable?

This depends on several factors. A PCB manufacturer in China needs huge investments and infrastructure. Aside from these, there are many facts related including staff salary, technology cost, tax, and so on.

But, if a PCB manufacturer in China can manage everything perfectly, he can earn profitable money in return from PCB manufacturing.


A good and reliable PCB manufacturer in China would be the only solution when you are to select one. But, you need to consider a lot of things that meet the criteria to become the best PCB manufacturer in China.

On the other hand, China has the largest PCB manufacturing industry in the world. In this sense, most Chinese PCB manufacturers must be experienced, skilled, and efficient enough to survive in the industry.

This makes sense to upgrade themselves to up to mark with the industry needs. As a result, you find a lot of good PCB manufacturers in China to pick from.

Just pick one PCB manufacturer in China relating the criteria to your needs.

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