TOP PCB Manufacturers In Germany- Everything You Need To Know In 2024


Electronics typically come in various shapes and sizes to suit different markets. Printed circuit boards, semiconductors, and other critical components are frequently composed of identical concepts.  Creating, developing, and manufacturing these electrical devices is a complex process that only PCB manufacturers can manage.

Germany is a significant market for printed circuit board makers. With each passing day, the need for PCB increases. In Germany, we have received a great deal of favorable feedback from our customers.

This blog aims to provide information on our activities in Germany. The details of this are something we cannot wait to share with you! All right, let us get this started.

How Is The PCB Assembly Service In Germany

If you are looking for some excellent PCB assembly service, you cannot go wrong with Germany. The PCB manufacturers in Germany assembly PCB to the highest standard. The PCB can last for years, even decades.

A qualified PCB assembly company develops quality control processes to ensure the highest possible quality of your goods.

They must be devoted to providing you with items that adhere to very rigorous guidelines and are subjected to frequent inspections. This ensures that you will get only the highest possible quality.

PCB Assembly Process

PCB Assembly Process

We recognize the critical necessity of supplying valuable goods to our clients that satisfy the standards set by the industry and requested by our customers, and we take this responsibility seriously.

Services for PCB Assembly

Through Hole Technology

Through-Hole Technology

As an experienced PCB assembly firm, we recognize that today’s PCB assembly requirements need high quality and rapid turnaround times.

Our German PCB electrical assembly staff and test experts can handle your assembly demands in only seven days.

By constructing the finest quality PCB goods that match the needs of our customers at all times, we want to provide you with the best possible service. As a result of our close relationship with our clients, we can continually enhance our production processes.

Industrial automation board assembly solutions from PCBMay allow increased flexibility, extensive component tracking, and automated restocking.

Data-Driven Quality Assurance

Data abounds in today’s factories, which are churning out new data at an exponential rate. The best way to increase quality control is to gather intelligently, correlate, and evaluate this data.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


An important aspect of flexibility is helping to speed up the development of new applications and ensure appropriate equipment manufacture. Suppliers, clients, and collaborators work together in an innovation cycle.

German PCB Fabrication Processes

In the world of electronics manufacturing, PCB fabrication is a vital step. It protects the structural integrity of your PCB and its components. In Germany, our PCB manufacturing business is one of the most well regarded in the world.

PCB Fabrication

PCB Fabrication


In addition to the typical FR4 material, we have an extensive collection of base materials that include a variety of rare and unusual materials. Rogers high-frequency materials and aluminum materials in various forms are readily available.

Watch this video about PCB material selection:

Mechanized Operations

We employ cutting-edge cube drill equipment for electromechanical CNC drilling. High-precision drilling is possible thanks to camera systems. For multilayer PCBs with blind vias, a digital Z-axis measuring device ensures accurate depth.

Drilling spindles may operate at up to 188,000 RPM and automatically modify speed, plunge, and retract according to the material being drilled into. This ensures a high-quality drill.

Another spindle on this machine enables exact routing. When it comes to routing, most organizations still use antiquated drill machines. On the other hand, this machine utilizes cutting-edge measuring technologies to achieve routing accuracy as high as 0.10mm.

Wet Processes

DMSE, a polymer-based technique, provides eco-friendly through-hole plating (THP). All PCBs are first cleaned to remove any burrs from the drill and abrade the surface. A “desmear” procedure follows this, wherein the epoxy is etched back into any holes where it may have accidentally been “smeared” over copper interconnections.

PCBMay uses this procedure on multilayer and double-sided PCBs to ensure that every via is connected, unlike many other businesses. The boards are then “black-hole-plated” using ecologically friendly carbon particles after being ultrasonically cleaned and micro-etched on the surface.

Direct imaging

For PCB express production, saving time and preserving the environment are always important considerations. Without films, a direct imaging approach exposes copper structures to resist directly. It can, even more importantly, image objects down to 0.025mm (1mil), removing drill-offsets virtually totally.

Layer offsets are almost eliminated thanks to an intelligent front-back alignment method for undrilled inner layers, allowing us to manufacture HDI layers up to 48 coatings.

Plating with copper

With a vertical plated line, copper plating is entirely automated. Each tank’s plating currents and dive duration are automatically tuned based on panel factors, including size, copper area, and the tiniest structures. Thus, the copper is distributed uniformly throughout the board. Thanks to several different cleaning and maintenance procedures, all thanks can be kept clean and free of contaminants.

Our employees can now devote more time to research and control systems thanks to the machine’s automation. We can be sure that our plating process is reliable and of the highest quality thanks to this.

PCB Copper Plating

PCB Copper Plating

Lamination in Multiple Layers

It is possible to laminate many layers using computer-controlled laminating machines. It is simple to store and load bespoke lamination cycles depending on the materials. A vacuum chamber eliminates any air from the stack for optimal adhesion of multilayers.

High throughput and energy savings are made possible by a separate cooling press. We now produce multilayers with up to 48 layers in production. Laminating unusual materials and hybrid stack-ups is also possible.

Solder Mask Removal and Cleaning

All PCBs are thoroughly cleaned before solder mask installation. Before applying a solder mask, copper features should be cleaned using a chemical method rather than a mechanical one.

All panels are forced through a lacquer screen at great speed to ensure that the lacquer coats the whole board. This is followed by a curtain coater, significantly more productive and reliable than silk screen printing. On each side of the curtain coater, you will find an evaporation line and a pre-baking oven.

You can check this video:

Final Quality Control and E-Test

Before being sent, every 2-layer, as well as multilayer PCB at PCBMay, has been electrically tested to the fullest extent possible. Many ATG flying probe test devices are in operation to test the loading and unloading capabilities.

It is possible to test bond pads or very tiny fine-pitch pads using soft-touch needles, which apply slight pressure to the structures and do not damage them.

Scheduling & Evaluation

The final routing is performed on various equipment to meet the project’s needs. Precisely matching the routing route with copper components on the PCB enables the utmost accuracy at the most current levels. A camera-based positioning system is used if necessary.

AOI – Automated Optical Inspection

An AOI is used to check large amounts of mass manufacturing (AOI). At this point, a camera is analyzing every square inch of a PCB and comparing it to the design data. They are found even if an electric test fails to discover trace-nicks or copper residuals.

When scanning multilayered interior layers, this AOI method provides an extra degree of safety. IPC-A-600 trace designs, in particular, benefit significantly from AOI. AOI is seldom utilized for quick-turn prototypes because of the additional setup time.


A white legend imprint is applied with a procedure similar to traditional inkjet printing. A UV light cures the ink immediately after printing to prevent smearing. Using inkjet printing, manufacturing cycles may be completed more quickly, which is more adaptable.

Traditional silk printing applies other colors, such as black (e.g., white solder masks). Silk printing offers a more precise, raster-free print, making it an ideal choice for printing trademarks and other high-end printing materials. Because there are no films or screens involved, it is more ecologically friendly.

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet Printing

How To Pick A Top-Class PCB Manufacturer In Germany?

Germany is the home of PCB manufacturers. You will have a hard time deciding which one is best for you. In this part, we will go over some tips for finding a reputable manufacturer to work with on your project.


A manufacturer that understands and satisfies the customer’s expectations and accepts responsibility for their actions can respond quickly and efficiently.


You should choose a manufacturer who is flexible enough to respond to changing market conditions. They can make your PCB updated with the time charging less.


To get a sense of the vast range of EMS firms and their possible fit for your electrical device or equipment requirements, ask for recommendations from people you trust. Trusted associates will always give honest assessments of the companies depending on the current or prior dealings. Using this information, you can choose the finest electronics manufacturer to work with for your company.


Manufacturers look to it as a significant market driver and a vital indicator of their capacity to produce your gadgets. You may learn a lot about a PCB manufacturer by reading positive and destructive reviews. However, it is critical to weed out fake reviews and only consider genuine customers.

PCB Manufacturing Features In Germany

As a result of decades of continuous progress, PCBMay can produce 1-16L layered rigid PCBs, flexible PCBs, and HDI PCBs to meet the needs of a wide array of clients.

MaterialFR-4(Normal to High Tg), Polyimide, Aluminum Base, Rogers
Max. Base copper20 Oz
Surface finishHASL, ENIG, HASL Leadfree, Immersion Tin, OSP, Immersion Silver


Copper thickness Min. Base copper1/3Oz
Min. Core thickness4 mil/0.1mm
SoldermaskGreen, White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue


The Way German PCB Manufacturers Handle HDI PCB Manufacturing

The HDI manufacturing method varies from standard PCB manufacturing in critical areas. Fabricator constraints will inhibit design flexibility and establish boundaries on how the board may be routed.

Reliability demands DFM needs. The DFM requirements vary depending on the production method and materials employed. Thinner traces, thinner vias, more layering, and smaller parts can still be handled in design tools, but design for manufacturing requires automation.

The method of how German manufacturers handle HDI PCB:

  • The photoresist is deposited on the laminate to designate etching zones in this step.
  • A ferric chloride solution is now the industry standard for etching and cleaning. A clean conductor pattern is created by reclaiming the remaining photoresist.
  • The drilling of vias must be done mechanically or by laser. For high through density, chemical removal is possible.
  • Once defined, vias are metalized to produce a conductive link.
  • Pre-processing layer stackup is achieved via repeated lamination cycles.



Top 10 PCB Manufacturers In Germany

1. BMK Group GmbH

Founded in 1994, the highly acclaimed electronics service provider has become a leader in electronic device design and manufacture in and beyond Germany.

It has 1340 highly skilled employees and a 30000m2 production facility to meet your electrical manufacturing demands. The firm is based in Augsburg, Germany.

Featured firms

  • CAD/CAM skills
  • Auto-repair
  • Increased human, equipment, and manufacturing capacity
  • Services provided

2. Elvia PCB

One of Europe’s leading PCB producers, Elvia PCB Group has its European headquarters in Normandy, France. Every single one of the company’s facilities is focused on a distinct professional sector and market dominance.

Featured firms

  • CAD/CAM abilities
  • Repair services
  • PCB assembly, testing

Services provided

  • Embedded protection and electronics development
  • Electronics manufacture, including prototype production
  • Services for various electrical components and devices
  • Post-sale support
  • Certified
  • Supplies PCB in industries such as aerospace and military and telecommunications and LED lighting.

3. Zollner Elektronik AG

It was founded more than 50 years ago to meet your electrical design and production requirements. Also included are mechanics, mechatronics, and inductive components. It is an authorized electronic manufacturer based in Zandt, Germany.

Zollner Elektronik AG

Zollner Elektronik AG

Featured firms

  • 20+ manufacturing sites worldwide
  • AMT (Analysis
  • Traceability
  • Obsolescence Control
  • Material Accord
  • Post-Sale Services

4. Steelflash Europe GmbH

The company was founded in 1999 and is now a worldwide leader. It delivers excellent electrical engineering and production services on schedule.

High-tech manufacturing facilities and highly experienced employees provide high-quality electrical goods. The firm is certified and serves all electronic industries, including aerospace, healthcare, and life science. Its headquarters are in Bad Herzfeld, Hamburg.

Featured firms

  • 18 sites worldwide
  • All-sector focus
  • Customer-oriented
  • Offers high-quality electronics

Services provided

  • CAD services
  • Proprietary rights
  • Intuitive supply

5. Neways Germany GmbH

Founded in 1969, EMS has grown into a global leader via acquisitions and excellent electronic manufacturing services.

The firm has offices in Riesa, Neunkirchen, and Erfurt.

Featured firms

  • 30+ years of hybrid microelectronics expertise
  • Involvement in the
  • Multiple certifications guarantee quality.
  • Global supply and demand marketplaces

Neways Germany GmbH

Neways Germany GmbH

Services provided

  • Cables
  • PCB
  • Set up a box
  • System fusion

6. TQ Systems

The well-known EMS supplier is a recognized and reputable electronic manufacturing firm. The corporation is headquartered in Seefeld, Germany, but has offices worldwide.

  • Featured firms
  • Multi-sector marketplaces
  • Global operations with several locations
  • Electronic service provisioning

Services provided

  • Development
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • After-Sale-
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Obsolescence Control

7. B&B Sachsenelektronik GmbH

Since it was founded in Heiligenhaus in 1996, the B&B Group has stood for the best quality and service in printed circuit board production. Our production site in Mittweida offers you everything under one roof – advice and ordering, production, certified quality assurance and logistics.

Featured firms

  • Certified
  • Global supply and demand marketplaces
  • Prototyping, production, and other related services
  • Amazing production capacity
  • Services provided
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • R&D
  • Post-sale support
  • Prototyping
  • Material control
  • Customs and logistics

8. Unimicron Germany GmbH

Unimicron Germany can offer its customers PCBs from both Germany and Asia. Unimicron Germany forms the High-Reliability Business Unit within the Unimicron Technology Group together with Unimicron Kunshan. This one-owner setup ensures that the PCBs manufactured in Kunshan also have the normal high technological and qualitative standards of those from Unimicron Germany.

Featured firms

  • Multi-service electronic manufacturing
  • Serves large-scale clientele
  • Modern electronics manufacturing equipment and technology

Services provided

  • Administrative
  • Development
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics

9. Mectec Europe

Mectec Europe is a leading provider of electronic manufacturing services, specializing in printed circuit boards. Incorporated in 1981, the firm has the knowledge and skills to create superior electrical goods.

  • Featured firms
  • Suppliers of FPC
  • Diverse markets

Services provided

  • Manufacturing
  • Supply

10. LeitOn GmbH

LeitOn is a high-tech PCB manufacturer based in Berlin, Germany. On top of that, we possess a network of different high-quality international PCB manufacturers so that we can also supply mass production printed circuits.

Each of these PCB manufacturers is specialized in a certain field to provide you with the most competitive price and the best quality. Our PCB production in Germany delivers highly sophisticated PCBs in the shortest possible time up to 24 layers. Our PCB manufacturer partners in Asia are specialized in the production of quality PCBs in medium and large quantities. Our network of partners assures you reliability, professionalism, and great know-how to take your PCBs from prototypes to serial production.

Featured firms

Services provided

Conceive and produce remote controls, electronic control units (ECUs), phone keys

Frequently Asked Questions

● How does your company stand out?

We can handle all areas of your PCB and assembly projects. We can manage your designing, fabrication, assembly, and components procurement, allowing you to concentrate on your critical capabilities like R&D and marketing.

There are several benefits.

  • 500+ professionals
  • 5000+ clients in 60+ countries
  • 10+ Years PCB Assembly & Manufacturing
  • 9%+ client satisfaction

● What kind of consumers does PCBMay target?

We provide reliable service to a wide range of clients, including OEMs, ODMs, and EMS companies from all over the world.

● Does PCBMay also provide PCB assembly?

Yes, PCBMay Offers a worthwhile assembly process.

PCBMay provides comprehensive PCB assembly services for prototypes and small to big production runs. We manage the process from component ordering through PCB manufacture, assembling, inspection, and final shipping.

PCBMay has evolved into a PCBA production plant, including SMT assembly, COB bonding, and plug-in welding. Domestic and overseas customers applaud our sophisticated manufacturing firm with a comprehensive processing chain.


PCBMay is a renowned PCB supplier in Germany. To provide you with a high-quality PCB at a reasonable price, our experts have made a commitment to you. Over the last many years, our activity in Germany has inspired us to accomplish much more.

We made every effort to clear up any uncertainty you could have concerning our operations in Germany, and we hope we succeeded. We can aid you with our fantastic PCB in your company. You may reach out to us at any time of day or night.

Circuit Board Fabrication and PCB Assembly Turnkey Services

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